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Riding w/Disabilities

Getting creative with our horsemanship


IRIS program funding

Lucky Stables is an approved and recognized vendor through IRIS for any Wisconsin adult resident with disabilities.

Catered to each individual

We work with parents and respite workers to evaluate each participants abilities and goals. We work together to fulfill each riders desires and facilitate safety, life skills, and leadership.


Childrens Long Term Support Care

Lucky Stables is a qualified provider approved by CLTS for funding family services!

Lucky Stables Parent

As a special needs mom, there are SO few places where you can show up and be completely at ease regardless of your child's mood or behavior.  No matter what happens at the barn, she succeeds.  No matter what happens at the barn, she's welcomed back a few days later for her next session.  No matter what happens at the barn, no one looks at me as a parent with a raised eye and sense of judgment. 


Animals can feel safer than people. They don’t call you names for being weird or tell you that they don’t want to be your friend anymore. Building a relationship helps to create trust and a sense of safety for the rider. It also provides an ice breaker when talking to peers. My daughter lights up when she tells other people about riding and the horses at the barn. Equine therapy has been such a positive experience for her, and I am so excited for her to continue.

Ted Lueders

Katie Brucks is outstanding with children and adults with learning disabilities. My adult son has autism. Over the past 18 months Katie's work has transformed him with regard to his relationship with horses and riding skills. Her method is top notch!
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